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Thrashin' Rasher

A real copy of one of the most popular pigs from our promotional materials, Thrashin’ Rasher is a hip piggy decked out in cool boarding gear.

Designer: Sam Day and created by Allison Kline, Team Restart
Sam Day is an illustrator. He produced the Pigs on Parade billboards and other promotional pieces. Restart is a local arts group devoted to showing the work of new and mid-career artists. Born out of a need to show their work and finding it difficult to locate venues, these talented and gifted artists decided to create alternatives to local gallery spaces. To that end, they have devised and are working hard to launch what they call “guerrilla-style” exhibition spaces. The goal is to find and rent local spaces on a quarterly basis and throw weekend long events celebrating the art.

Location, Summer 2001
1st and Pike, top of Pergola

Pike Place Market Foundation Board
The Market Foundation works to preserve the traditions and diversity of the Pike Place Market neighborhood.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Anchorage, AK