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Appropriately named for her beauty and the image of loveliness, Bella is a pretty pig. She has an appreciation for beauty, style and elegance. Lavishly adorned with jewels, flowers and a sequin shawl, her style is glitz, glamour and high fashion.

Mari Dwyer, Gregory Menard & Gene Juarez Salons & Spas
The team of Gene Juarez artists wanted to create a unique vision of feminity, grace and charm. Highlighting a few the services provided by this salon and spa, Bella's is fully made up and has chosen a pigtail as her favorite hairstyle.

Location, Summer 2001
6th and Pine

Gene Juarez Salons and Spas
For more than two decades, Gene Juarez Salons and Spas have been the definitive authority of hair, beauty and wellness in the Pacific Northwest.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Saco, ME