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Carousel Pig

This sculpture is decorated with gray and white paint accented with gold. Hybridized concrete was used to create the bridle and harness, which are studded with glass medallions. The medallions are bas-relief carved casts of Seattle icons: the Space Needle, coffee and of course, the Market. The result, a beautifully crafted and realistic seat on a carousel.

Stephanie Mader
Primarily a sculptor, Stephanie works in kiln-cast lead crystal using the "cire perdu" (lost wax) method as well as concrete. Both of these methods call for a great deal of patience and planning, but produce a result that is colorful, glowing and beautiful.

Location, Summer 2001
6th & University

Hilton Seattle
A full service downtown hotel with the unique feature of all of the 237 deluxe guestrooms are above the 14th floor and every room features window views of the sights of Seattle.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Bellevue, WA