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The clock at the Pike Place Market was installed in 1927 at the entry to this historic area. The clock and sign are instantly recognizable as Seattle landmarks and were some of the first pieces of neon installed west of the Mississippi. This pig replicates, with artistic license, this landmark complete with neon sign that says “Pike Place Market Center” and scenes from the Pike Place Market.

Chris Campagna
A self-employed artist from the Chicago area, Chris is a recent transplant to Seattle. He has experimented with various media, installations, and restaurant interiors and is an accomplished painter. In Seattle, the Artistic Gallery in Pioneer Square currently represents Chris and has some of his work is on display.

Location, Summer 2001
Pike Place, roof

Pike Place Market Foundation
The Market Foundation works to preserve the traditions and diversity of the Pike Place Market neighborhood.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA