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Fish Tosser

This acrylic pig painting deals with water and fish, but the subject matter takes on a new meaning in relation to the Pike Place Market’s famous flying fish. Fish Tosser portrays two submerged people playing a kind of fishing roulette, but being in the water they are forced to play by the fish’s rules.

Joel Lee
The Pike Place Market, its history and exotic nature, has played a large part in Joel’s work and has been a great source of inspiration to him. Much of his work is allegorical painting largely drawn from his family stories and history. His paintings portray the whole story but also give the viewer an opportunity to put together the plot. Much of his work is on a smaller scale, yet, it translates well when produced on a larger medium, such as the pig canvas.

Location, Summer 2001
2nd and Pine
Currently located at the Pacific Place

Pike Place Market Foundation
The Market Foundation works to preserve the traditions and diversity of the Pike Place Market neighborhood.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Anchorage, AK