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Flower Girl Pig

Flowers and fruits are an integral part of the Pike Place Market and the Flower Girl Pig reflects that with her intensely decorated body and floral theme. A real lace collar is collaged on to the neck and a big bow is tied around her tail. This bright, cheerful and wildly colorful pig is covered with hand pulled original collagraph prints created by Jan Erion.

Jan Erion
A painter and printmaker, Jane creates mixed media paintings utilizing her original collagraph prints, hand painted found objects, on paper or oil on canvas. Often many areas of the paintings are built up with heavy impasto in order to juxtapose the deeply embossed areas and there is a lot of texture and rhythm in her pieces. The collagraph prints are created for specific bodies of work and are to be used in the mixed media pieces she creates.

Location, Summer 2001
University Village

Juice Plant and Miller Pollard
Located in University Village, the Juice Plant provides fresh and creative juices and Miller Pollard is a furniture store with high quality, unique offerings.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Clarkston, WA