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Working with found objects, and juxtaposed with painted images, hog wild celebrates! Various celebratory objects and icons adorn this pig, including a party hat set askew on its head.

Kelly Lyles
Kelly Lyles’ work predominantly involves humor and animal themes. Mice-A-Roni, her rodent series, is a very successful endeavor, and was recently purchased by the Washington Arts Commission. She incorporates visual puns based on small animals with household products (i.e. ‘Spam-ster, Cherris-Gerbilee’ Grey poupon ‘Mouse-strad’, Odwall ‘ Ferret-juice, etc.).

Kelly is currently experimenting with pet portraits in 3-D decorated frames, trying to add a little whimsy to representational art.

Location, Summer 2001
6th and University

The Benaroya Company

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Twisp, WA