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Inspired by language as subject matter, this sculpture is covered intricately with words and their various meanings. The words serve as recognizable icons and enhance the image with texture. The artist was struck by how words hold different meanings depending on our experience and cultural background, and drew inspiration from his own Creole roots for this piece.

Jite Agbro
Jite works mainly in layered print making techniques, including monotype, collage and relief. She employs stone, metal and concrete textures as reference points to create color saturated images, and has been employed by the Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Seattle Center Art Academy as Artist Assistant and Instructor.

Location, Summer 2001
1st Avenue & Spring Street

Lease Crutcher Lewis/Harbor Properties
Lease Crutcher Lewis is a general contractor, design-builder, GC/CM, CM/GC, construction manager, and consultant with a focus on complex, unique projects.

For decades, Harbor Properties has been revitalizing urban Seattle neighborhoods.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Seattle, WA