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Iron Pig

Inspired by the industrial history of Seattle, this pig resembles a solid sheet of metal with steel rivets. Using exterior enamel to create the illusion of a slightly weathered patina on the pig's surface, Tom has also created the illusion of seams and rivets of plate steel construction, as it exists in Seattle's Gasworks Park and on the Aurora Bridge. The focus is on the visceral and textural quality of the material and its ability to convey a sense of time and history.

Tom Hall
Tom earned a BFA in Painting from the State University of New York at New Paltz. He now resides in Seattle and is continuing an exploration of industrial ruins and their significance. His recent paintings, "Industrial Portrait Series" include: Gasworks Park, Aurora Bridge, and the Pier 86 Grain Terminal. In 2001 he received an Emerging Artist Purchase Award from the Seattle Arts Commission and an Artist Trust GAP Award for this work. His work is in the collection of the City of Seattle.

Location, Summer 2001
Pike Between 4th & 5th

Dillon/Flaherty Partners
A local, full-service financial planning company, nationally renowned for hedge fund offerings and management.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Sammamish, WA