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Found-ling Pig

This design was crafted with thousands of small discarded items including beads, buttons and bits of wood and plastic. Holes were drilled in the pig and items were strung on wire and then attached. The Senior Center, one of the agencies funded by the Market Foundation, helped create this pig under the direction of Marita Dingus.

Marita Dingus
Marita creates mixed media sculptures out of discarded materials. Other public art projects include work creating integrated artworks for the Washington State Arts Commission and the Seattle Arts Commission.

Location, Summer 2001
Post Alley, In the Pike Place Market

Perkins Coie
Since 1912, Perkins Coie has been committed to providing high-quality legal services in a cost-effective manner.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Redmond, WA