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This wonderful sculpture displays many styles. Adorned with various figures from the performing world such as Jimi Hendrix; the Lord of the Dance; and others, the artists created the figures and costumes that are attached to the pig.

Paul McCall & Fusion
Fusion was founded by local artists of color to provide support, exhibition opportunities, and learning experiences to emerging artists. Members possess talents ranging from traditional oil and acrylic painting to found art sculpture and textiles.

Location, Summer 2001
Westlake Mall

The Seattle Theater Group - The Paramount and Moore Theatres
Paramount Theatre - Opened in 1928, the recently restored Paramount has become one of downtown's leading showplaces.

The Moore Theatre - Built in 1907, the Moore Theatre is the oldest remaining theatre in Seattle and has defined itself as a venue for both local community events and as a home for more "alternative" touring musicians.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
University Place, WA