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Pig of the Future

A new century, a new millennium, and a new era of challenge and growth is the premise for this piece. Pig of the Future captures and reflects its surroundings and the changes in its landscape. This pig is covered with glass and mirror, creating a lively mosaic. It responds to the sun, city lights juxtaposed with the brightness of headlights, and sparkles like a jewel.

Jenna La Due and Spencer de Mille
Architects, Jenna and Spencer felt it was important that their creation is an interactive part of the city. The use of glass as a medium relates to Seattle’s famous glass art community. The glass and mirrors, in a variety if vivid colors, contrasts with the muted tones of the urban landscape. The refraction of the images forces the viewer to look at him or herself, the surrounding city and see it all in new ways.

Location, Summer 2001
Pine and 6th

Grant Thornton LLP
Grant Thornton provides a wide array of services in the areas of accounting and auditing, tax consulting, corporate finance and risk management, entrepreneurial consulting, and wealth and financial planning.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Seattle, WA