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When Pigs Fly

Working together, the artists started from the phrase "When pigs fly" to create this jewel-encrusted flying pig. It was executed by applying thousands of tiny hand-placed beads and hand blown glass rondelles from head to hoof. An ornate pair of wings, and gold leaf further highlight the pig.

Lisa Kinoshita & Mark Monson
Lisa is a contemporary jewelry designer in gold, silver and an assortment of other gemstones. She has been the recipient of the Charles Anders Memorial Scholarship from the Pratt Fine Arts Center. When she's not working on jewelry, she is a freelance writer for magazines including Travel & Life and Seattle. Mark Monson is a co-owner of the Glasshouse Studio in Pioneer Square, and is also a painter, glassblower and metal smith represented in galleries nationwide.

Location, Summer 2001
On 5th Avenue between Union and Univeristy

Pike Place Market Foundation Board, to honor Executive Director, Marlys Erickson
The Market Foundation works to preserve the diversity and traditions of the Pike Place Market neighborhood and the board would like to honor Marlys Erickson and her hard work and dedication.


Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Woodinville, WA