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When Pigs Fly

The key features of the pig are ceramic and glass mosaic and a set of copper gilded fiberglass wings.

Selina Kwan and Fabrication Team: GGLO Architecture & Interior Design, Chris Campagna, Jennifer Weddermann
Selina Kwan is an architectural designer in GGLO's Commercial Studio. Selina's inspiration for her pig came from the age-old adage "if pigs could fly." She believes that imagination should extend far beyond the boundaries of everyday life.

Location, Summer 2001
Harbor Steps, 1st & University

GGLO Architecture and Interior Design
GGLO is a 115 person Seattle design firm specializing in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture and planning services. GGLO has a solid reputation of designing spaces in collaboration with artist and creating private and public projects that feature public art.


Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001
Price witheld at request of new owner

Permanent Home
Kirkland, WA