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Rachel, Princess of Porkshire

A pig fit for a queen! Wearing a tall brass crown and beautiful, intricately painted brocade robes, this pig received the royal treatment. A 3-D royal crest is affixed to her velvety sash, adding to her regal bearing.

Christina M. Schafer
Christina is an artist who works at Stoel Rives. She completed this project in her "spare time".

Location, Summer 2001
4th & Pine at the south end of the Fountain

Stoel Rives, LLP
Stoel Rives is more than the sum of its 300 attorneys and 400-plus support professionals - it is a leading Northwest law firm with both the technical expertise and business know-how to provide the creative solutions to help your business grow


Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Seattle, WA