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Rain City Pig - Tales of the City

This pig represents Seattle as a place defined by water - the lakes, the Sound, the rain. The pig's body is painted like water and covered with colorful Asian-style umbrellas in a nod to Seattle's Pacific Rim ties. "Word drops" splash over the pig, their concentric rings forming pig outtakes: fun facts and stories about the Seattle area including one about a famous Northwest pig.

Callison Architecture, Inc and Sign Tech
Created by a design group at Callison Architecture: Barbara Grubb, Joan Insel, Jennifer Carlisle and Denise Arluck. Sign Tech in Seattle painted the pig.

Location, Summer 2001
Two Union Square Plaza, 6th and Union

Callison Architecture, Inc
Callison Architecture is a multi-disciplinary design practice with more than 400 people practicing from their Seattle headquarters.


Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Seattle, WA