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This concept incorporates glass, solar panels, a central light source inside the pig, dyed rice paper and fiber optics. With the use of solar cells, it sustains a "glow" of light to different points on the pig. Color and diffusion of light are achieved through layers of dyed rice paper and random pieces of curved glass.

Douglas Hansen
Doug does extensive fine art and architectural glasswork in public and private arts arenas. His influence extends into various mediums beyond glass such as fiber optics, LEDs, computer light integration, and solar energy systems.

Location, Summer 2001
Corner of N 34th & Evanston N

Stephen & Mona Campbell
Steve is the President of CapitalStream and a Market Foundation board member. He and Mona are long time Market supporters.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001
Damaged beyond repair during the summer. Not sold.