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Piggyback Top Computer

The artist was inspired by the idea that technology and children are our links to the future, and that Seattle embraces both of these elements. The piggyback computer stems from a child's sense of playfulness and fun, much like Pigs on Parade.

Susie J. Lee
Susie has taken part in several local group and solo shows, including one at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Location, Summer 2001
1011 Western Avenue, west side of building

Peter Buck and Joel Gordon to honor their partner, Bill Block
Buck & Gordon LLP provides a full range of real estate legal services; land use, environment law, transactions, municipal law, litigation, project management and community relations.

Bill Block is the hard-working chair of the Pigs on Parade steering committee and master of pig puns.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Seattle, WA