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Pig of Soul

The eyes on the pig represent the individuals that the Market Foundation supports daily. Using a macro-lens, Jenny Davidson, photographed close-ups of individual eyes. She spent weeks at the Market photographing the diverse souls that are a part of the Market's community: from members of the Market Senior Center, Heritage House, and families at the Market preschool to the produce vendors and fish mongers. Davidson's work represents the commitment of generations of vendors, farmers, fisherman, merchants, customers, tourists, and the local community at large, who continue to work hard at maintaining our Pike Place Market community.

Jenny Davidson
Jenny recently spent four months photographing women's eyes in Italy. Her work is about finding the connecting soul among people, and she believes that eyes reflect an individual part of our selves. Her most recent work was an installation of women's eye photographs exhibited in Venice, Italy.

Location, Summer 2001
Western Avenue, Heritage Center

Sarah & Chris Banks
Chris and Sarah Banks are long-time patrons of the arts and Market Foundation supporters.

Purchase Price at Auction on October 13, 2001

Permanent Home
Poulsbo, WA