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Hog Happenings

Hog Happenings

Porky Pinings: Reflections on Pigs

August 17th, 2001

Nearly 100 aspiring and accomplished writers submitted pig inspired entries by the June 18th deadline. Thank you!

The judges met and selected winners in ten categories ranging from "Best Play on Words" and "Best Pig Plagerism" to "Best Overall Prose and/or Poetry." The winners read their entries at Noon on August 17th. The top three winning entries went to Best Overall Poetry, Best Youth Overall, and Best Overall Prose.

Best Overall Prose went to Celeste Deveney for her humorous rendition of Pigadoon, the story told by a pig in Scottish brogue in search of the mystical Pigadoon, which rises from the mist only once every hundred years. Seattle’s pigs are silent by night but hold a piggy rout every night.

Vladimir Verano was recognized for Best Overall Poetry for his haiku:

He dreamed of houses
and wolves, and stuttering fools.
He dreamed apple cores.

Best Youth Overall went to 10-year-old Qiara Emerson Dennis, a 4th grader from John Muir Elementary entitled Pigs. Dennis’ rhyming lines describe the life of pigs; “…They’re Pink, They Stink. They eat corn, scraps and slop. They just can’t resist or stop…”

Other winners included:
Michael Fitzpatrick: Spirit of the Market award
Paul Beaudet: Best Pig on Words
Joy Campbell: Pig as Food/Pig Plagarism
Edward Monrad: Youth Poetry
Dana Sedgwick: Best Ode to a Pig
Mercedes Lawry: Pig Empowerment

All nine winners in the Porky Pinings contest will have their works published in the Pigs On Parade book that will be published in October.

Fill the Pig Trough

An amazing 63 TONS of food was collected on June 22 and 23 for the Downtown Food Bank and Northwest Harvest. A round of applause is in order for the employees of The Bon Marche for contributing the most food out of the many participating downtown retailers.

Parade of Pigs

A grand spectacle of surreal swine wound their way on wheeled mini-floats from the Market to Westlake on Saturday, May 26, 2001. Thousands of folks lined the sidewalks and cheered as their favorite creations (with their handlers), the Husky Pep Band, the Sweet Mahogany Junior Drill Team, and Market musicians performed their favorite piggish routines. A good time was had by all.

View more photos of the parade

The Making of "Inside Out"

Inside Out

"Inside Out"
Artist: Reilly Jensen
Sponsor: Kismet Foundation

Reilly, says of her work:

"The design is basically a mosaic of pennies with graphics being created by stained, patinated, or oxidized pennies. Although my concept does not utilize paint, which is my usual medium of choice, I am excited about embarking on the biggest coinage application of my life."

The design also evokes the original Rachel, a piggy bank, who for the past six years has been collecting thousands of dollars each year from tourists and locals alike in service of the Market Foundation.

Jensen flew in her father to help her with this project, as seen in the picture. He resides in Florida.

The Squeal Started with "Everywhere an Oink Oink"

Everywhere an Oink Oink

From March 1 (National Pig Day) through Memorial Day, pigs teased Seattle with the "Everywhere an Oink Oink" campaign on 37 billboards, 74 busboards, 50 banners, and one very special bus (as seen in photo)

"Disco Pig" Spun for the Market at 5th & Pine

Disco Pig

Disco music and disco dancing accompanied the unveiling of "Disco Pig" in the Nordstrom window at 5th & Pine on February 27th. This little piggy, by Nordstrom window designer Dave Hanoch, is covered with more than 4,000 mirrors and moved to various locations within the store throughout the summer.