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Gala Live Auction

October 13, 2001

The Pigs On Parade Gala Auction auction raised roughly $380,000 for the low-income individuals and seniors who benefit from the services of the Pike Place Market Foundation. Pigs continued to accept bids on Ebay through October 15th. The grand total is expected to be just over $500,000. The proceeds will be seed money for an endowment for the Foundation.

After months of public appreciation on the streets of Seattle, the artistic pigs were shined up and ready for adoption by art lovers, Market supporters and pig loyalists. More than 700 auction goers attended the event at the Washington State Convention Center, with additional serious buyers bidding on www.bidspotter.com and calling in absentee bids so as not to miss their favorite sow.

Stealing the show and all the pennies for the night was Penny the Inside Out Pig by artist Reilly Jensen. Beautifully decorated snout to tail in copper pennies, Penny was the top grossing pig at $21,000. With assistance from the students of T.T. Minor Elementary, Dale Chihuly's Ruby pig was successful in bringing in $17,000 for the Market Foundation. Dentist and artist Jack Kleinhart wins the award for tallest pig and also third highest bid for the night when Totem Pole Pig went for $14,000. Six additional pigs went for $10,000 or more.

The pig traveling the farthest to its new home is an even break between Pioneer Pig by artist Evan Jones and Pigasso by Dawn Isaacs. Pioneer Pig was bought by a group of friends living in Russia and Pigasso was a gift to the daughter of a Frenchman temporarily living in Seattle. Thrashin' Rasher created by artist Sam Day will find its new home in Alaska and may be joined by several other pigs that the bidder is trying for on Ebay.

Good news for pig lovers is that several of the pigs were bought by those who will continue to share it as public art. Copper Pig by artist Beverely Jean Schaaf was bought as a gift to the West Precinct of the Seattle Police Department. It will be stationed at the precinct between 7th and 8th on Virginia.

Other pigs to watch for in public include Pig of the Future by Jenna La Due and Spencer de Mille. Purchased by Antioch College, pig lovers can visit it at the downtown campus.

Pike Place Market goers will continue to appreciate the neon stylings of Clockwork by artist Chris Campagne. The pig was purchased by the Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) and Market Foundation board member Anne Fennessy to add to the public art in the Market.

Wherefore Art Sow? by Barbara Barnes Allen found its permanent home at a pub in Redmond.

"Naked Pigs" and The Great Sow Search, August 16, 2002

The Market Foundation has a few undecorated, standing pigs for sale. The price is $2,000 each with optional concrete slabs for installation. To inquire about purchasing one, please call Marlys at (206) 774-5246 or [email protected].

12 of the naked pigs will be featured in The Great Sow Search on August 16, 2002, in which the pigs will be hidden at 12 locations throughout downtown Seattle and teams will race from pig to pig gathering clues and having a great time.

The fun starts at 10AM in the Market on the corner of Pike Place & Stewart St. where teams will pick up their Search Passport and first clue. Registration is $95/team (in honor of the Pike Place Market's 95th anniversary celebration at Noon the same day). The first 12 teams to raise $2,000 and register are instant winners of a naked pig. Plus …

  • The team that raises the most money will win a naked pig AND a general admission ticket to Sunset Supper (beginning at 7:30 PM August 16) for each team member and a guest.
  • The team that completes the Great Sow Search the fastest will win a patron table for 10 at Sunset Supper.

To register: print this registration form and fax it to (206) 625-0646.

Questions? E-mail [email protected].

EBay Auction

Ebay bidders had the opportunity to bid on 105 pigs online. The top grossing pigs on Ebay to date are Priscilla Pretty in Pink by Jeri Jarvie and Bob Spurr at $6,000, Modern Attire by Kinga Czerska at $4,000, Pot Bellied Pig by Michael Couture at $3,800, Heavenly Body by Victoria Shields for $3,550 and Carousel Pig by Stephanie Mader for $3,250. To check what each pig sold for, go to www.eBay.com and type "pigs on parade" in the search box. Then click on the "show completed items" button.

Click here to find out where your favorite pig is now living.

What a Story!

Throughout the summer of 2001, pig fans called and wrote us about their favorite pigs and favorite pigs stories. One of our favorites was the following - what pig romanticism!

"About 1 year ago, I met a man named Trey online - he was commissioned in the US Navy and was going to move to the Seattle area soon. We emailed back and forth a few times and as soon as he moved to the area we talked on the phone and agreed to meet in person. One of the few distinct and fairly easy-to-get-to places in Seattle I could think of to meet was at the "bronze pig" in the Pike Place Market. So a date was set and we agreed to meet in person for the first time at Rachel.

Trey, being a romantic type, remembered from an episode of Crocodile Hunter how the croc hunter and his wife had a photo of the first time they ever met, and thought how cool it would be if he had a picture of the first moment he met his future wife. Going on faith and a strange feeling, he brought his camera planning on having some random passer-by snap a picture of us at the pig. Fortunately I persuaded my mom to drop me off (after all, I was meeting a strange man and didn't want to go alone) so she was there to take the picture of us the moment we met, with Rachel in the center.

Trey and I hit it off and soon began dating seriously. A little over six months later, Trey and I celebrated our "anniversary" at Place Pigalle, a romantic little restaurant just behind the pig at the Pike Place Market. Trey proposed that night and we took another picture with Rachel just after becoming engaged. Trey and I decided then that at every landmark occasion in our relationship (marriage, anniversaries, birth of children, etc.) we would take a picture with Rachel and collect a series of photos of us at the Pike Place Pig.

Meanwhile, the Pigs on Parade event occured and I thought how coincidental it was that there were replicas of Rachel all over the greater Seattle area, reminding me and Trey of our special meeting place. With our wedding fast approaching this 1st of December, I HAD to figure out a way to get a pig for Trey as a surprise. I wrote to the market foundation asking if there were any "naked" pigs left that I could get so I could decorate it myself for Trey, but then I found out that many of them would be auctioned off on Ebay and realized that would probably be the surest means of procuring a pig.

So on October 14th I raced home from church, fiercely determined to win a pig. I didn't have much money, but I figured this may be the only opportunity I'd ever have to acquire a lifesize Rachel replica. I locked myself in the computer room with a double tall latte and started bidding away. About an hour and a half and many prayers later, my shout of success resonated all through the house when I was the high bidder on "Patchwork Piggy."

Trey knew I was up to something the whole time...sharp little cookie that he is, it didn't take him long to figure out what I had purchased. So much for surprising him on our wedding day! He was totally excited and amazed though and can't wait to display our pig at the wedding and tell everyone the tale behind it (no pun intended). Now our only concern is finding a house with space enough for both us, and our 7-foot long pig!

Anyway, that's the short of it. Thanks for making a few special replicas of Rachel - I'm more than delighted to be the lucky owner of one!"

Mary Votava