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August 17, 2001, SEATTLE — Seeing Seattle through the eyes of a Tri-Cities high school student. A pig inspired by Monet. A paisley pig inside a paisley pig. These top three pigs take home the show as Seattle selects its favorite Pigs On Parade.

As part of the Pike Place Market’s 94th anniversary, the Market Foundation today announced the top 12 pigs selected by the public. Also recognized were competitors in the Porky Pinings Reflections on Pigs Contest, creators of haikus, essays and poetry on pigs.

With 170 pigs decorating the streets of downtown Seattle this summer, twelve have been selected as the top winners who will be featured in a calendar published by the Foundation.

Seattle At A Glance, the top vote getter, was created by Tri-City high school senior, Stephanie Iller-Drachman and sponsored by the Seattle law firm Graham and Dunn. Drachman’s pig, which features a stylistic interpretation of the Seattle skyline, was inspired by her view of Seattle on visits to the city. The medium used is a combination of acrylic paints. Her pig is located in front of the U.S. Court House on Fifth Avenue between Spring and Madison.

The number two pig, inspired by Monet, is entitled Madame Fleur de Piglette and created by artist Karen Kohtz. A botanical collage of vibrant colored flowers and greens adorn this pig. Pig lovers enjoy the setting at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel on University, where her backdrop is real-life flowers. Four Seasons is also the sponsor of Madame.

Third place went to Paisley Pig, created by artist Kathleen McIver. Pink and paisley, this pig is covered in tapestry-like paisley prints and has pigs within the paisleys. The pig is located in front of its sponsoring organization, the West Coast Grand Hotel on Fifth Avenue between Pike and Union streets.

Humor, swine adaptions and pig empowerment were themes celebrated by the writers in the Porky Pinings Contest. The contest asked writers to write about pigs in less than 600 words. Their works were judged and selected by judges from Richard Hugo House, the Seattle Times, The Seattle Public Library, M Coy Books and NW Literacy Foundation.

The top three winning entries went to Best Overall Poetry, Best Youth Overall and Best Overall Prose.

Best Overall Prose went to Celeste Deveney for her humorous rendition of Pigadoon, the story told by a pig in Scottish brogue in search of the mystical Pigadoon, which rises from the mist only once every hundred years. Seattle’s pigs are silent by night but hold a piggy rout every night.

Vladimir Verano was recognized for Best Overall Poetry for his haiku:

He dreamed of houses
and wolves, and stuttering fools.
He dreamed apple cores.

Best Youth Overall went to 10-year-old Qiara Emerson Dennis, a 4th grader from John Muir Elementary entitled Pigs. Dennis’ rhyming lines describe the life of pigs; “…They’re Pink, They Stink. They eat corn, scraps and slop. They just can’t resist or stop…”

All nine winners in the Porky Pinings contest will have their works published in the Pigs On Parade book that will be published in October.

Presented by the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) Retail Core, Starbucks Coffee Company and AT & T Broadband, Pigs on Parade is a public art project that benefits the Pike Place Market Foundation. Sponsoring companies and individuals commissioned artists to decorate the pigs from snout to tail. Seattle’s summer attraction of 2001, 170 pigs decorated the streets of Seattle from May – September.

The pigs will all be auctioned on Saturday, October 13, 2001 both on-line and in a live auction at the Washington State Convention Center. Pigs will auction for anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000. For more information visit www.pigsonparade.org.

Editors Note: Additional winners of the public’s choice awards for pig creations and the other six writing winners are on the attached page. Full text of the porky pinings can be requested.

Whose the swinest of them all…

Save the Date: Gala Pig Auction October 13, 2001


4th Place Ball Hog -- Artist: Lisa Gardner, RK Cobban & Andy Costabel
Sponsor: Seattle Sonics & Storm
Located at 5th and Pike Street
5th Place Pigasus -- Artist: Robyn Krutch
Sponsor: UPS
Location: Westlake Park (4th and Pike)
6th Place Ballpark Frank -- Artist: Lane Gwinn
Sponsor: Ragen MacKenzie
7th Place Totem Pig -- Artist: Jack Kleinart, Marcus, Nolan, Wyatt & Mickey
Sponsor: Unico Properties
Location: Rainier Square on 5th Avenue
8th Place Swine Art Gallery -- Artist: Northwest Watercolor Society
Sponsor: Buck & Gordon
Location: 1011 Western Avenue, west side of building
9th Place Disco Pig -- Artist: Dave Hanoch
Sponsor: Nordstrom
Location: Nordstrom
10th Place Porca Sighting -- Artist: Students at Langley Middle School
Sponsor: Ward Foundation
Location: Westlake Plaza
11th Place Swineway -- Artist: Kathe Fraga
Sponsor: Seattle Homes & Lifestyles
Location: Pacific Place
12th Place Pork Choppers -- Artists: Colin Reedy & Luisa Herrera
Sponsor: AT&T Broadband
Location: Westlake Plaza


Spirit of the Market Award: Michael Fitzpatrick, a 14-year Market performer
Entitled: Rachel, the Philanthropic Pig

Youth Poetry Award: Edward Monrad, 14 years old
Entitled: Pigs Life

Pig Empowerment Award: Mercedes Lawry
Entitled: A Pig Riff

Best Play on Words: Paul Beaudet
Entitled: Surprise

Best Ode to a Pig: Dana Sedgwick, 5th grader at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, age 11
Entitled: My Piglet Named Spot

Pig As Food/Pig PlaguarismAward: Joy Campbell a.k.a Vladimir NaPORKov
Entitled: Puerquita – a swine adaption of the classic Naborkov novel, Lolita. A man reminisces and recalls his “love at first bite” upon passing a platter of baby back pork ribs on a rotisserie roaster.

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